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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Anyone Already Have The Old Jd Or Six Stl Files?

Anyone have the old JD or Six stl files? I know they are old but I would still like to have the "original" JD sitting on my desk at work.:p

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United Kingdom
Have they been updated then?

I know I am a few updates behind at the moment but the cloud isn't showing me that my files need updating...
Last time I checked the items were removed pending some small design changes, but I suppose I could check my laptop to see if they are in the old library. I figured someone probably had them saved.
United Kingdom
I have them. I wont have time to do anything with them until Monday at the earliest so if you don't have them saved and nobody else jumps in before then I'll pop them up.
Yea i checked my laptop right now , my library was not synced so i dont have six and JD stl files. All that was avail was a JD adapter piece.

Ok hopefully someone will have them otherwise I will get them from you mon
Hey Rich , it is tuesday. Can I have the JD and six stl? Thanks
United Kingdom
Sorry, didn't get back until late yesterday.


Not sure how much use they will be without having the EZ-Bits in the library since each EZ-Bit is made up of a few different STLs though.

Also bear in mind the Terms of Use
Thx , i will look at them when I get back to the house. By the way that TOU link didn't work
United Kingdom
Forum bug, it contained the word revolution so the forums reformatted it to a link within the link.

Basically, don't use for profit. I know you wont but I'm covering myself in case anyone else decides to download them.