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Asked — Edited

Anybody Here Worked With Mimo 7" Touchscreen

I installed the drivers for the Display and they worked GREAT.
I installed drivers for the touch screen and NO TOUCH SCREEN.
I have installed them over and over again about 12 times with full shutdown and reboot.
My computer is an AspireONE by acer. It is brandnew with Windows7.
I installed the vista drivers just to make sure they did not work.
The display works great , but no Touch!

help, Please!

:) *stress*


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United Kingdom
Is it plugged in?
Is it detected by Windows?
Is it showing up in device manager?
Does it have any error codes in device manager?
Ok, the woman that sold it to me just told me that. I will have to take my time and shop around, I guess. She is willing to give me a refund.

Thanks for the Information.

and Thanks, Rich. It was advertised as a 7" touch screen.