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Anti Spam Acceptance Email From Ez Robot?

I got an email today from what looks like EZ Robot regarding anti spam .... it requires a response via a link.... Before I do it, I just wanted to make sure it actually came from EZ Robot ...



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I didn't receive any email like that.
United Kingdom
Me either.

Did you send EZ-Robot an email recently?

I wouldn't have thought EZ-Robot would use such a bad method for anti-spam, such methods cause insane backscatter and don't work very well (few people bother to click the links). The MD where I work in the day has Spam Arrest set up against my advice, it's horrible but he wont listen but I digress.
It seems to be related to anti spam legislation in just Canada...
United Kingdom
Google the link url, it'll pop up telling you if it's a site to avoid.
It was legit... I had to give EZ Robot permission to continue to send me notices, order updates and newsletters as per new gov regulations.'.
@Richard R you got it! CASL (Canada's Anti-Spam Law) requires that before July 1st of this year we must ensure that our Canadian customers still want to receive information from EZ-Robot via email. It's a much stricter version of Can-Spam, so Canadians will be getting quite a few messages from any companies they previously received newsletters/mail from!
Question for @Rich, Is the anti-spam agency in the UK The Knights Who Say Neep?
United Kingdom
Wow that takes me back a bit, haven't seen it for a long time!

But for the record (and this is my OCD/perfectionist side coming out and correcting things) it's "The knights who say mi"
I was under the impression that in England, legislation like such was mandated by the Ministry of Silly Walks...
@R & RR- Ah yes "mi", that was it. It's been a while for me as well. I recently saw a Python/spam reference, on Jeopardy if memory serves me correctly so, I just couldn't resist. Thanks for having a little fun with me guys.;)
As much as I would hate to correct @Rich I will have to take advantage of this rare moment of inaccuracy to mention that it's actually The Knights who say "Ni" (or who formerly say "Ni"). I only know this cause I'm a big fan of the Holy Grail and I quote it probably on a weekly basis:)

Such a great flick!
United Kingdom
T'was a typo, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it:)
Jack, you're not in Canada, so it doesn't apply to you... You would not of gotten an email...