Upgrade to ARC Pro

ARC Pro will give you immediate updates and new features needed to unleash your robot's potential!


Good find Alan! I am debating about getting one:)



Sign up for the giveaway, then if you win, you don't need to debate:)


My tip is find an old windows 7 netbook, and if you have the skill, open it up and mount it inside your bot if big enough.


Well, since this floated to the top of the forum because of a spam post, I might as well give an update. This machine was a bust. It would overheat and shut-down, and since it was a Lithium battery and already having heat problems, I was afraid to leave it plugged in attended. I tried to open it up to see if I could remove the battery and just use it externally powered, and it was clearly not designed to be customer serviced. Cracked the case, and components/cables were glued to the case so trying to take it apart killed it. I wound up throwing it away.



Thats a bummer man, have you ever used a latte panda?


it has a memory card slot on board for extra memory.



it has a memory card slot on board for extra memory
Yes, but you can't move the Windows system there, and when Windows downloads the update, it won't use that space. Was only a problem with the last (not the one 2 weeks ago, the one before that) update, and after a week or so M$ must changed something because it did successfully update overnight, but I realize that this may be an ongoing issue, so looking for something with more space.



The panda also has a 64 GB option as well



The panda also has a 64 GB option as well
Yeah, that is the one on my wish list.



@Vertigo Thanks! I knew you could do things like this in Linux. Didn't realize I could in Windows.