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Another Language For Commands

Hello guys, I wonder if it is possible to use another language for commands and also to the answers given by the robot. I'm from Brazil.


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Hi MetronRick from Brazil! What a wonderful age we live in that people from all over the world can send messages and info back and forth to each other in just a few moments. You have a couple choices to interface with your robot; the graphical ARC Robot Control Software, or the more advanced EZ-SDK. More info here:
Or, is he asking about speech recognition and speech synthesis?

Dave covered the programming side. I'll cover the speech side.

The speech recognition and speech synthesis uses your default language environment. It is not dependent on English - however, Microsoft does not support a wide range of languages. I would suspect they also support Spanish. If you have the Spanish language installed, ARC should support it.
" Microsoft does not support a wide range of languages. I would suspect they also support Spanish. If you have the Spanish language installed, ARC should support it."

Or, being in Brazil, Portuguese:)

lol alan, I guess I got that wrong! Thought brazil was Spanish... my bad!
@DJ LOL! I was watching the Colbert report last night and they did a little skit where Steven made the same assumption. ;) I just find it funny how I stumble across patterns in life like this all the time. That's actually what led me here. I started an IT specialist course 16 weeks ago, (graduated Wednesday:) ) and a few of the guys were talking about robots, then I saw a TED Talk about Arduino, and then my girlfriend sent me a you-tube vid of the bioloid doing gangnam style and a few weeks of research later I'm a proud member of the EZ Robot Community.

The clues to life's secrets are hidden in plain sight.;) -Me
Oh wicked antron! I should make JD do the gangnam style dance! That's a good idea.:D

That's a very good quote!
United Kingdom
Antron, broken links but never fear:)

You know, I always thought they spoke Brazilian in Brazil ... *blush*
Wow, the first vid, the Bioloid robots, was awesome! I loved the last shot where they were falling off the park bench. That's real life and how most of my attempts at robotics go. *blush*

.....and what was that little guy doing on the toilet?! *eek*
Gentlemen, the SDK can run on what program? I use Visual Studio 2010 and C + + Builder ... serve? I am learning to program now, so ... I am studying mechatronics.
The SDK is dotnet, so Visual Studio 2010 would be your best choice. Most of the samples are in c# but there are a couple vb.net samples as well.

Alan, when I open the sdk c # in VS2010, it shows many errors. and also some C # SDK cant open.
Read the readme file for setup instructions for using the sdk (most importantly, the sdk and sample projeck filrs need to be in the same directory).