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Animated Eyes Or Face

Hello all, I have an idea to create jpeg file of a face or a set of eyes. I was thinking on the lines of one jpeg file for looking left, center and right. My robot now has a 15" LCD monitors on board and i was wondering if these files could be displayed on the screen as an animated face or a set of eyes. I think it might be possible with running a C# code in Ez-Script. That way I could link it to the motion panel or to servo position. I know it sound a little off the wall, but I think it would give my bot some physical personality that would be virtually limitless. Not showing my age, but kind of like "Maxheadroom". Wow that like back in my Commodore 64 days! I am not that good with C# yet and still learning, but I do think there is a code for displaying a jpeg file on the screen. Any thoughts are welcome.
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Haha, that is hilariously neat:) I watched all the max headroom episodes last year for the first time. It was a neat show. Lots of commodore 64's in the background:D