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Android Based Autonomous Robot With Ez-Microcontroller-Questions

Hi all. I'm in the last year of bachelor and thesis project is coming in the next months. Right now, I'm looking the theoretical part of my idea. So far my project will be based in Ez-microcontroller. One main important thing is that I will use Android OS to controll the EZ-microcontroller. The reason why I'm doing this, is because with a Android Phone, I will have many sensors already in the phone preassembled, sensors like: accelerometer, gyroscope, camera with high pixels and resolution etc. The phone itself is small and very handy for many autonomous robots. Except the phone ones I can add other sensors as well, maybe the one that are for sail in your website. It will run incorporated in an R/C vehicle. (this vehicles have a great motion type, very fast and you can control them quite easily. Instead of normal servos I wanted to use the ones preassembled in the R/C vehicle. I know How to make it work with IOIO board, but need some help to make my project work with EZ. Can someone link me to the right documents, sources, tutorials etc? How can I controll EZ from Android app? How to build an Android .apk to work with EZ? Thanks for your time reading my topic and thanks in advance for helping out. :) ;)


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The Learn section holds tutorials and lessons.

The Android app is downloadable from [url=]here[/url. You do not build the app, you build a project in Windows, save to the cloud and open in the Android app.

I don't believe you can use the Android's sensors though, at least not yet.


Use the Mono SDK on Android, available here:

That way you can write your own program that uses the EZ-B and obtains any localized sensor data, etc..


I would recommend starting with the ARC software application... That way you can experiment and prototype all of the robot behaviors before diving into code.:)