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Analogical Port

May be is stupid question, but... I have understand all about digital port and how to use them.

I have found any lessons of how to use analogical port and pins. What i can put on them?


i mean adc0 - adc1 - adc2 - adc3 - adc4 - adc5 - adc6 - adc7

What i can put on them?


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You mean analog port(s)... They are used to read voltages between 0V - 5V... An example of an analog device you can attach to them would be something like a potentiometer (or Pot), an IR Detector (for range finding) or a force sensor, touch sensor, limit switch etc etc... Many more as well...


The learn section has a course on the ezb. The useful lesson of the ezb course for this question is here: https://synthiam.com/Tutorials/Lesson/72?courseId=5

There is a nice write up with explains what ADC means and provides examples of peripherals that would connect to adc ports.

There are no ezrobot specific components that connect to the ezb's adc ports at this time. The ports are currently used by diy users who make custom robots. Examples of custom robots made by diy users can be found by clicking on the robot showcase or clicking here: https://synthiam.com/Community/Robots

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Ok, where i can see an video example? to add a costum ADC ?


There are no video example that I know of to add custom adc peripherals. What peripheral are you thinking of adding? Your question requires context.

Again, I stayed there are no ezrobot peripherals for the adc at this time. Any adc connectivity would be diy for a custom robot. Let us know what analog peripheral you have and we will explain how to connect it.

Although it's incredible easy - all analog peripherals have a single analog output, which connects to the white (signal) pin of the selected adc port. The datasheet can be consulted for more information.

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theorically if is read only we can put on it cd reader yes? or memory reader?




we can put on it cd reader yes? or memory reader?
No... I think you need to google how an analog port works... I assume you're new to robotics right?

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Yes, i am new!:) Sorry! that's why I have ask


Ok... No worries... but my advice is still to read all you can about analog ports before plugging anything into them....


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ok, but is possible to have some example of what i can put on it and how?


See this user tutorial. Includes examples of how to use the analog ports and several example sensors.



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wow so is infrared, sound and smoke sensor. thank you very good that knowledge to develop something.

just another question to register what happen in the sound is better analog port or digital port?