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New Zealand
Asked — Edited

Alarm Clock System.

Hi guys for part of my project I am trying to make an alarm clock program that can alert me when it is time to get up out of bed, tell me what day it is and make it have a cool alarm sound. So if I could have some help that will be very nice of you. Thanks...


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New Zealand
Here is my flowchart to show the process of what I have to do....
User-inserted image
New Zealand
What commands do you guys think I can use? *confused*
United Kingdom
Do you want a script or do you want to know how to write your own?

It's a very simple script to be honest with you, the commands you will want to use are WaitUntilTime(hour, minute)and the variable $dayname.

WaitUntilTime holds the script until the time specified so WaitUntilTime(07,15) will just wait at that line until 7:15am.

However, you can also do it a different way (my preferred way although more code). You can use an IF and the variables $hour $minute $dayname (dayname will avoid it going off on weekends or specific days if needed)

SayWait() will speak whatever is between the brackets. You could use something like SayWait("It is " + $dayname + "sir. It is time to wake up")

For some inspiration of what can be achieved here's my wake up call:) (excuse the low volume, I need to get a better video but it was taken in a rush)

Weather information scraped from Weather Underground using HTTPGet, schedule information done the same way.