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United Kingdom
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Aimec Robot Does Live Bbc Radio Broadcast

A while back, one of our AIMEC Robots did a live BBC radio broadcast from our home. It got the latest sports news by itself off the internet, then did the live sports spot. Is this a new application for Robots?

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He's frowning. Did his team lose?
Do you have any more videos on the AIMEC 3?
I always like seeing updates and info on AIMEC robots.
Steve S
United Kingdom
Troy, well spotted AIMEC had a bit of stage fright that day which probably caused the frowning!

Steve, here are some older videos

Here is the sizzle video that went with the Robot Magazine article

AIMEC:3 trying to emulate Bender

Here AIMEC:3 is trying to explain what A Dalek is!

thanks for sharing the video's. j