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Advice / Experience With Joysticks / Controllers

Just wanted to take the pulse of the group and ask what kind of remotes and or controllers are you guys or gals:) using and why you like them.

Also if there are ones you don't like I would love that feedback too.

Thanks everyone.



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United Kingdom

I find running autonomously works well. Used with personality generator and voice control is great.

However, I have used;

Xbox 360 controller - works well. Keyboard control - works as well as can be expected of a keyboard.

For Six I will probably use the Android app and build a nice GUI for it.


I use a wireless Xbox 360 controller, Android app on the Nvidia shield, wireless Logitech controller, and a Wiimote. My personal fav is the Xbox controller as it just fits my hands well and I usually game on the 360 so I'm quite used to the controls.


I use the Logitech controller that is wireless - I find it favorable.:)


I use the Lava Glow wireless controller. I use it for direction control a Roomba.


Has anyone every used the PS3 remotes ? Specifically the Move Navigation remote?