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Addminute() Usage

The example:


$LaterHour = $hour
$LaterMinute = AddMinute($minute, 1)

RepeatUntil($hour < $LaterHour AND $minute < $LaterMinute)

Verification of syntax reports 'No errors'

When I start the script I receive the error in the debug window


Error on line 2: Unknown function: AddMinute

What am I missing in this code?


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United Kingdom
Can't say I've ever used those commands since you can simply use $minute + 1 (or whatever) to make $laterminute.
Can not seem to find some examples or documentation on of of the bullet point date time functions. Is there a better place to look then the script window help for information on those functions?
Looking at the EZ-Script Manual it does not list what to pass to the function or what is returned. Perhaps try using $LaterMinute = AddMinute($minute), my guess is the function is passed a time and returns a time with a minute added. Thats my quick guess, could be wrong. Obviously the function is not recognized which could be linked to the number of arguments being passed to it.
United Kingdom
I believe it's a typo in the script help, it should be AddMinutes


$newtime = AddMinutes($time, 5)

Should provide with this;


22/01/2015 05:09:56 PM

The syntax is;
AddMinutes([time],[number of minutes])
You know I was looking at that and saw AddSeconds() and AddHours() used 's' as well, another thought but looked over it.
Thanks guys for the help. Just used to thinking so matter of fact. I did notice the missing 's' but it just didn't sink in.