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Adding Wifi To One Of My Existing Ez-B's

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Good Morning EZ-B Robot Builders !

How much Code would be required to add WiFi to one of my existing EZ-B's ?

I still want to Maintain ALL the ARC Features, other than BlueTooth !

A most reliable friend guided me to the following Modules :

Roving Networks' RN-XV Wi-Fi Module 30025, https://solarbotics.com/product/30025/

SparkFun XBee Explorer Regulated 50828, https://solarbotics.com/product/50828/

Thank You All For The Consulting Services,

DougPope@cox.net, 602-246-1246(H)


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I updated EZB firmware version V16 still slow and i don't know how to benchmark. With a new project and only a few things on it runs fast.

I only have EZB and HW Virtual Serial Port even turned off all security on computer.

I thought WiFi is faster then Bluetooth?
United Kingdom
To run a benchmark

Add a control

Benchmark is just here
User-inserted image

Once added, with the board connected click on the button "read 200 ADC from ADC0"
User-inserted image


Get your result.

You'll also notice it shows CPU usage and memory.

Run a benchmark and post a screenshot if you are unsure about the result. (Alt & Printscreen copies the screen to clipboard, open paint, paste, save, post here)
United Kingdom
It'll also pay to post info on your connection information on the WiFi, settings etc. It could well be a networking issue. WiFi is faster than bluetooth but only if you have a good connection set up. If you are getting poor wifi signal or if there are errors in the settings you will get a bad connection that only seems as if it's connected properly when in reality it isn't.
Rich thanks so much i will do and post it tomorrow
PITTOM on the WIFI how many bars are you getting that will tell you how strong the signal is.

ITS in network places under WIFI connection

Also on the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen next to time.
United Kingdom
I probably won't be around much this weekend but will respond when I can.

I'll dig out the info on a good freeware network scanner/checker in the morning which will give much better and clearer details on any network issues you may have than windows will ever give you (FYI hover the mouse over the network icon by the clock and it'll tell you speed and strength). If you use team viewer id be happy to take a peek if you're really stuck.
Download the WIFI scanner it tells you everything about your WIFI and range and more and others that are running.
hi all,

can somebody please make a video on how to install wireless to ez-b or a really detailed instructions with pictures for dummies please it seem to complicated for me i need a step by step guide, thanks
United Kingdom
If you have an android tablet or smartphone get yourself a copy of fing. It's great for checking out your network. In it you will be able to check the services running and ping any client connected to your network, this will indicate if it's a networking issue if the ping to the WiFi board is high.

Always be careful what you download, more so if it's within a zip and not from the developers website direct. Malware is found in around 90% of files like that. The last thing you want is to have to clean up after a parasite.

Here are a couple of ping tests I just carried out on my network, one is to a Linux box connected via wifi with a bunch of services running the other to my router. Ping of around 5ms is what you are looking for.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

If you are getting a ping much higher than that then it is indicating there is a problem with the connection and you will need to check out all settings on both the router and on the wifi module.

Check which services are running on the laptop too, this could indicate what the problems are.

Otherwise, I would say that you have a problem with the module itself. Again check all settings are correct. I recall you were having problems with setting it up correctly in the first place so it is not out of the question that it's been set up incorrectly.

Also check that all routes to and from the wifi module are open and working. Ensure that Windows is not blocking anything through the firewall, that no antivirus is blocking anything and that you don't have any viruses or malware causing the issue.

If you still have problems as I said I would happily help you over TeamViewer or similar, I have a wealth of experience (and qualifications) in networking and I'm sure it's something simple that's not been set up correctly initially.
pittom also save the data and have anyone look at it to see what problem you have.



And can save or print the data ,its a small file for all versions of windows ,plus the site has alot more scanners and tools.

I have used it for while on all my computers
Also on malware and virus on downloading a file,its always good to check it with NORTON or good virus detection program before you open it or install it,some have a hidden virus
I can easy make a video only i am on a work trip for 1 week more.
HOPE somebuddy else will make a video,its not too hard and should take to long

i ordered wifi module today so i should be getting it in a week so after your work trip please make a video:)
I have one on the way, unfortunately there was an error by the shipper so it didn't arrive before I started vacation and is being delivered to my work address, so i won't have it until after April 3rd. Once I have it I will be posting a tutorial.

I hate to need to disagree, but Norton is currently one of the worst choices for anti-virus. AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials are both better and cheaper (free)

United Kingdom
Alan is correct. 2012 reports show Norton only picking up 92% of viruses (and letting around 1.8 million viruses through). It also flags up a lot of things as viruses when they are not which only causes problems. To top it off it can render a system totally useless when it takes over the boot sector and refuses to boot due to false positives. That's just the AV, Internet Security is even worse and can often just randomly stop allowing the internet to work, email accounts to work etc. It's considered as bad as a virus in many circles. But we digress.

I've also ordered one yesterday, I'm hoping it turns up next week as I have the week after off work and can look in to how to get it installed and working.

5 minds are better than one and all that :).
On Antivirus
I use Pandasoftware its excellent ,very easy to install,remove or re-install
Download and try for 30 days free
I guess i didnt say this this but i dont really like norton,my favorate is AVG and not the free version,i boght the pro,but on my other computers i use AVG free version ,mostly because i dont want to buy them for my 9 computers i have in my home network.

I KEEP TELLING my dad to get rid of norton,i have only one till it runs out then i dont want it any more.

Another one i tried is kaspersky its all free .

NOT also good to remove anti-virus software and then re-install each time,it leavespart of the software and has update problems.

WITH free software like AVG witch i always see it one of the best anti-virus programs.

another i heard it good is kasperspy and its free too

Only used NORTON as a example only in my post