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Adding More Ez-Bit Females To An Object-How?

If I have an EZ-Bit item downloaded and it has ONE female connector, how can I add more. The main reason I need it for is to add more fingers on the claw. The one that was posted on thingiverse had only ONE female. I was hoping to have a 3 fingered claw.




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Unless you can get a hold of the original 3D file prior to it being converted to an STL file there is no way to edit the image and add any changes to it.


That is bad. Aamerilas did it, I think. He is setup to have four fingers with four of those little tabs. Of course, he is a graphix artist.


Perhaps he has the original 3D file or made one of his own? confused

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Just to point out you can adjust STLs with some 3D software.

However, if you are asking this question then I'm guessing altering someone else's STLs are beyond your capabilities?


Thank you, Rich. You all have had great points.


I use 123D Design and it does not have the option to open an STL file. However, it does give the option to generate an STL file when outputting a 3D design file that is then utilized by a 3D printer like MakerWare or FlashForge. When loaded into one of those 3D printers software programs (ReplicatorG or MakerWare) one has the option to change the physical size but cannot add any other parts into the same image.

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You can import and adjust STL files (however somewhat limited since they are meshes) with non-free software such as Solidworks, Inventor and AutoCAD. I believe there is a plugin for SketchUp which allows import of STL files too and there are other freeware applications which can edit STL files.


I am doing it with MeshLab and SketchUp and RepG. It is really a lot of work.


One more tool to look at (freeware) is 3D-Tool-Free.