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Resolved Resolved by Dave Schulpius!

Add Control Locks Up

Hey DJ,
I ran into an issue on the latest update of ARC for windows. Everything works fine except when I use the add control panel to add a camera to the workspace, ARC locks up and I have to ctrl/del to get out of it. I don't know if it's me or EZ-Builder. I tried to reload the program and no success. I am going to try it on another pc.
Thanks for all you do,

Error at loading of ippSP library

No DLLs were found in the Waterfall procedure


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It works fine for me. So, you may have gotten a bad download. That happened to me once. You can try to uninstall it and then re-download it and install it again. Also, it could be a problem in your computer. Always start important programs with a Fresh Bootup.

Another PC would isolate the problem.

good luck!

Hey Mel,
I tried it on 2 others and it works. I uninstalled it and reloaded it on this pc as you suggested and it still doesn't work correctly. Here is a screen shot of the error I get. I'm still puzzled. The pc I'm trying to use is not the robots computer, it just my main pc that I do all my work on. This one is just faster and more convenient to use then I upload to the robots pc.

User-inserted image
Do you have or have had GoPro on that PC?

In some cases after installing GoPro Studio, other applications may report an error that states: "Error at loading if ippSP library - No DLLS were Found in the Waterfall procedure".
If this occurs the solution is to browse to: C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and then remove these files:
ippjw7-6 .. 1

Take a look for those files and if found anywhere on your PC get rid of them. Let us know if this helps.

EDIT: I just a little more research on GoPro, Seems if you had this in the past and uninstalled it the uninstall program removes more then it should. Some people fix this problem by reinstalling GoPro. Others find the missing file ippsw7-6.1.dll and place it in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

Here's a link to a forum thread talking about this:


Good Luck, Dave
You're the best. Yes I just bought a gopro hero3 for my new hexacopter I built. I didn't even think about the gopro software messing up the ARC. I found the dll files in c:/windows/system32. I cut them out to a folder on my desktop just in case it didn't work and I could put them back. Anyways, the ARC works as it should and the gopro studio still works as well too. Thanks so much for the help. I would have never thought it would have been the gopro stuff.

Looks like GoPro is not playing by the standard webcam definition rules:) I will have to add an exception in ARC to avoid GoPro drivers
Glad I could be of some help. It was a simple case of a simple Google search of the error message you posted. I wish I could take credit for being brilliant but anyone could have done it. ;)