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Adc Sound Wave Vr Script

Greetings Forum, I would like to incorporate an ADC Electret to assist with the windows 7 VR for my talking head FRED. We know that Windows 7 VR is really only good for one person, so it would be nice to differentiate 2 different voices and the robot responds accordingly. " Please Guest of Master (DJ Sures) may i have your name and the purpose of your visit" ...or some such response! This would mean perhaps using ReadADC control and responding OR (@Rich :) ) creating a script to "analyze" a different frequency/waveform. We all know that a females voice has a higher frequency typically and therefore would be easier to "differentiate" two or more voices! This script is not ment to allow VR of different people but to merely "know" that there are two people saying "something".......I believe the EZ-Board has 8 bit ADC which would be enough resolution to work with....0- 255. its the waveform/frequency I am not sure about.


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If there's a "frequency sensor" available which varies the ADC value depending on the frequency you could theoretically match values to people however you wouldn't be able to isolate VR to listen to only the one person (at least not that I know of), it would just be aware.

A script to analyse and respond to an ADC range is simple enough. The hardware side of things is beyond me.