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Adc Ports


I am intending to use a total of 19 servo's in my robot. 1 servo to sweep the Ultrasonic pic sensor, and the other 18 servo's for the legs and movement of the robot. Ive read in the tutorial for connecting the ping sensor, that I will need to hook it up to 2 I/O ports. But with 19 servo's connected on the board, I would only have 1 digital port left.

I notice those 8 additional analog ports on the board, is it possible to use those analog ports and connect servo's or sensors to those? I was thinking of maybe adding a speaker or some leds if possible. Can those analog ports be used for such things too?

Thanks, Kristian.


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Okidey, the Parrallax ping sensor has the transmit and receive on the same digital port. I saw one at Radio Shack here in the US for ~ $35 USD. You can probably order direct from Parrallax.



$35? Holy!!

19 servos is awesome:)


Yikes, count in shipment costs. Maybe I can find one here in Holland instead.

So Using those analog ports for the echo or trigger is not an option?



I don't know for sure about the analog, but I would guess no.

In another thread about the Parallax, someone asked if we could tie the transmit and receive on DJ's ping sensor to the same digital port, and I don't think that was ever answered.

Radioshack is not the only source for Parallax. I am sure you can find a European in not Dutch distributor.



@thetechguru that's a good question on the HC-SR04 .. I've never tried combining them... Only one way to find out!


yes. unfortunatly my EZ-B is still on its way here so I can't try it out myself just yet. But I'm curious to know if that works too.

By now I'm also wondering what those analog ports are for, or if and how they can be used?



I think DJ was volunteering to test (don't really want to risk breaking my sensor, although I doubt that could).

Analog ports are used for things like voltage or temperature meters, where you are expecting to receive a range of values (digital ports are on/off only).

The tutorial section on this site has some good examples of how they are used.



Great. I'm curious to see what DJ finds out.:)

Thats interesting, thanks. I have read the manual but couldn't really get an idea what they are used for. I'll read into the tutorial section more.



Yeah, the manual is pretty light, and really just covers the hardware. The tutorials and videos are how you really learn what the board can do (and the forum posts and release notes posted there).



To reduce shipping costs in Europe (Belgium / The Netherlands) try this one:




Thanks! They have loads of things, very nice! I will be ordering there for sure. :)



Is there any news on tie-ing the trigger and echo wires of the Ultrasonic sensor together for use with 1 I/O port?




Seeedstudio has the exact same 1 line ping)) sensor, but a lot cheaper! I have it and it works perfectly with the ez-b!



@okidey there is a way to use trigger and echo tied together,you need a transistor to ping the sensor and thenn it receives,need to add a delay in sending digital output and receiving one