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Actually If You Can Put One On A Rover Can You Tell Me How To Place Legs On The

I think you can put a light sensor and a can holder on a rover , but I also want arms and legs what do I do :D confused


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.....The current version of Roli rover here comes with arms already... The online store here also sells extra arms and legs for all the revolution robots... Not sure why or how you would or want to put legs on a Rover, since it already has wheels (tracks)....


We'll it would be cool because the Hexapod feet are much faster and a lot less annoying than the tracks so maybe can you add the rover shell instead of the Hexapod dome but no rover chassis.The chassis is more expensive I think and I'm trying to save as much money as possible. It may seem a bit weird but the legs would be very nice on the robot. All I'm really asking for is a way to hold things such as a drink. Many times I am sick and alone and can't reach the kitchen. What I want is basically a six but with the LED lights, the ultrasonic sensor, arms, a rotating camera head, and a scorpion tail.


Dude... you're in luck... Ez Robot can do all that and more.... All the parts are pretty much interchangeable.... So you can mix and match as you wish... I am sorry you are not well, however it would be cool for a robot to do a few things for you and keep you company to boot....:)


in think it would be pretty cool it could be like a nurse lol anyway it would be cool a roli but your own personal touch


yeach andrewez think how you gonna call her.idea is cool.:D