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Acer W3-810 And Windows 10

Since a lot of us use the Acer W3 for our robots, I thought I should post this:

If you check compatibility from the Windows 10 reservation tool, it will tell you there is not a compatible driver for the video, but I did some research and the video doesn't need a driver. You can download the media creation tool from here: and when you run it, select "upgrade this machine" and it will upgrade just fine. (you might need the driver if you connect an external monitor with the Micro HDMI cable. I haven't tried and have no need to).

Also, as per this discussion: Windows 10 has far better support of Bluetooth headsets than Windows 8.1 did.



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Thanks for the info Alan. Thats good to know. I'm holding off updating my W3 and my laptops for a while until it's had a proper road test. It was something DJ mentioned in a post when someone asked about upgrading to Win 10 a few weeks back, where he suggested holding off as there were a few bugs that was affecting ARC. Let us know how you get on with it.



I did see one bug but I don't know if it effects windows 7 as well. I left one home computer on Windows 7 and my work computer sobI can test. The script command to ajow the speech reco phrase list isn't working.

Other than that, I haven't seen any issues yet, but only used it for an hour with ARC so far.


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Okay, thanks for that Alan I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Sounds promising so far (except for the possible speech rec bug). I just found the thread I was talking about for anyone interested.


thetechguru, I also have an Acer W3 810 that I use with ARC. I am just wondering how your experience with windows 10 has been since your last post? You thought Bluetooth had improved. Edit-"My" Windows dictation was poor w/8.1 Is it better responding now with VR? I have had great results w/ARC and 8.1, is it any different? I appreciate your experience. Thank you, Steve S


WiFi on my ASUS ultrabook has been much more stable. Bluetooth headset connection to both the ASUS and the Acer W3 has been much more useable, and that alone has helped VR significantly. I am certainly seeing better results but I don't know if that is just because I can now use a better microphone or if it is actually better. It appears to still use SAPI 5 with ARC even though Cortana is a hosted solution that is better at recognition (I have no idea if they are opening an SDK to allow other apps to use Cortana for recognition or not. Haven't looked into it).

I do my robot development work on the ASUS Ultrabook, not on the W3, but at least on that I have not noticed any issues with ARC that were not also issues in Windows 7 and 8.1.



Alan, Thank you for responding. I do not know all the terms, except that Cortana was reported to be an improvement. Have you tried any dictation VR (that is where I have trouble w/8.1) Sounds like you have Windows 10 on several units. That is a plus having more stable WIFI and more useable Bluetooth. Thank You, Steve S


Sapi 5 is the speech api. It is the way applications lije ARC connect to Windows VR and text to speech. Cortana is very accurate. I have only done ahort commands in ARC so far, and it recognizes them well, but again that may just be the better microphone now that I can keep it connected.

I have it on 3 of my 4 home machines (video card not compatible on the 4th) and I am pleased with it. Certainly a better OS on the tablet than 8.1 was. Still not as smooth as Android or iOS, but better than it was.