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Ac To Dc Plug With Dev Kitt

Can anyone recommend a A/C power plug that can drive the Developer Kit, instead of the rechargeable batteries. I guess I'm asking whats to max, and what maybe to low.. not to burn the servos or the EZ-b4. this A/C power source is assuming the ez-b4 is fully loaded with servos and sensors.


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You'll need something that puts out at least 10amps (servos need a lot of juice)... A variable one so you can choose your voltage... 7.2V or so would work well... Still, to be honest rechargeable batteries are still the better way to go...
I agree the recharges are great, but when working on the bench i like to keep going and not stop and recharge ever so often.. I do the same with my Robotis, and other bots.. just want be able to do the same with a hexapod I'm building.. I only use rechargeable off the bench.. but if 7.2v will work I have a few of those laying round that might suit situation I just didn't want to blow the EZ-b4.
The servos are good with 7.4V and the ezb can handle up 17v or so,...so I think you're good...
You're welcome.... :) Just don't put 17V through your ezb4 and expect your servos to like it....:P
what if i put 10V or 11V is it ok with the servos ?
@Ahmed.Aranda 10V is too much for these hobby servos... They won't last long at that voltage...
i modified a power supply with 5k ohm pot and i got 8.15V, is this ok ?
8v or so might be ok, but is your setup able to supply enough current that your servos will need?
it supplied the needed current on 9V and i tried the servos and it worked ok