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About Using Window 7 On A Robot

This tread is mostly about using WINDOWS XP IN A ROBOT
and comparing it to windows 7
i see a lot of it off topic

Here is somethings i found out by testing both windows XP and windows 7

Now i have 2.4ghz dual processor with 3 gig memory and using 32 bit systems both windows 7 and windows XP and windows XP on a bench mark test shows it was much faster,now with a 64 bit windows 7 it was a lot faster.

But the windows 7 draw almost double current then windows XP
THAT why if you check every professional robot over $1000 and some over $12000 like the one i am getting soon hanson ROBOKIND that just came out,none uses windows 7,robot cost more so they can easy add it,but they dont


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United Kingdom
I have my facts (fully justified & proven) of which I am more than qualified to comment on, you have your opinions which have been proven incorrect, are inconsistent and contradict your earlier posts, there is a big difference and I am finding it harder and harder to take you seriously.

And FYI, I've been a member of MSDN for longer than I care to remember, I have multiple Microsoft certifications across many software applications and operating systems and have been an official tester of Microsoft operating systems since Windows XP. Not forgetting the fact I hold VLKs for most Microsoft Operating Systems which, well, look up how you get that privilege. To put it bluntly, you're an idiot if you ignore my advice, especially when it is backed up by hours of testing, over a decade of training and has been certified by the very people who make the software... but of course you know better because you had a friend who showed you RC1...

If you intend to dispute my tests you must be able to back up and justify your outrageous claims. They are not opinions, they are facts based on research and testing with results available to justify them. If you don't know the difference between that and an opinion then you are a bigger idiot than I had thought.
@RichMR2, please continue your tests. Remember there are so many of us following this thread. Try not to beat your head against the wall or get personal.:) We understand though.:)
did not disputed your facts
just it what i found out doing my tests,there is no reason to prove it
mostly found out the windows xp is faster compare to windows 7 without any changes

BUT worst part i dont like about windows 7 it takes so much bigger hard drive space and there is much proof on that from microsoft site
I look for very small windows software on a flash drive,plus there are photos of images and faces ,and other software is needed like SAPI ,plus have half the hard drive full for virtual memory usage

So really forget about battery usage,not that important
this post is like DAVID said like a dog chasing a tail it never ends

PS (my mom dogs can catch his tail its long )LOL
Ok, you two need to get a divorce. Rich gets custody of me. ;)

Great methodology Rich. Very impressive. Cant wait to see your paperwork in this one!
RICH loves to get personal about it
i never ever said his facts are wrong,only what i found out thats all
i know RICH is very much in love with his WINDOWS 7
Me i like both operating systems
really only see 4 others reading this topic besides RICH and ME
Dave ,Troy and 2 others
Fred, you know that it's possible for people to read a thread without posting to it. Rest assured that there are many reading it. Also its not about love of windows 7...Dang it..almost got sucked in...
(finds nearest wall to beat head against) *stress*
Really dont know if others are reading it and i dont too,nobody does
I am reading it;)

I am particularly interrested in windows 8 results, as i have installed it before buying ezb... I am reassured. Thanks RichMR2!

(and hopefully, there is no near wall around my computer :D)
United Kingdom
@Troy, I was waiting there to welcome you to my world.

To be honest, battery life is not important to my own robot build as it will be controlled by a PC which is plugged in to the mains. Future robots may not be but at this stage the purpose of these tests is to find the information on which has a slowed battery discharge rate.

The fact of the matter is, there is a power drain issue with Windows 7. There are updates which fix this issue and slow down the discharge rate. Testing has shown the discharge rates and everyone is free to use the results however they see fit. If anyone wishes to dispute any of the results or comparisons they are free to do so provided they can justify their claims with similar data. (Battery Eater is free software, please produce your own test results if you want to argue with mine).
Thats all we want is some data and so we can make informed choices. Data is better than hearsay.
DATA is always better ,everyone know that
but also depends on hardware and the setup
SO its better for everyone to do thier own tests,because could change (could change)

On battery problem not a big deal for me,just add a bigger battery,or have it charged
i would like to use less wattage ,but not really a big deal

only item i look at is the monster SIZE hard drive space needed for windows 7
Umm. I can't do all the tests myself as i don't have the software to do so. Rich is doing the leg work and establishing a general benchmark so i can make an educated guess.
MOST if not all software is free,it only takes time
i dont trust other making the tests
ITs better for other s to make the tests and see if they get the same results
but i guess dont have the time,like me

I look at making all my robots very light and try not to use HARD DRIVES or SSD
FLASH MEMORY is what i like using only they dont have them very big
SSD is great ,fast but take up space,and hard drives ,bad idea,if robot bumps or falls no more hard drive,and the draw more current and much weight
United Kingdom
Other people needn't do their own tests. Yes each system is different but my tests were all carried out on the exact same machine, the results of which indicate purely the discharge rate difference between different OS.

Yes your battery may have a higher discharge rate, a lower discharge rate, higher or lower capacity, all of that is irrelevant. The point being shown is the change in discharge rate between operating system.

Other users probably don't have the time, patience or even the software to do this. While the Battery Eater program is free the OS are not. Everyone could run the battery eater test on their set up but it would prove nothing and be pointless.

As my system remained constant throughout the tests, the battery remained the same, the hardware remained the same, the memory, hard drive, on board devices... all of this can be eliminated from discussions leaving only the rate of discharge, which is logged and charted to aid users decisions.

Are you (@robotmaker) really trying to argue this still?

As for Hard Drive space, how small is your hdd if the size of Windows 7 is an issue? Are you attempting to boot from an SD card? If so, you have other problems to tackle. If not, stop arguing, you have no argument.
@rich. A new years resolution for you. Wear a helmet when beating head against wall.
mine able to boot easy from flash drive ,windows 7 wont fit on it
all i know is the test i took and results i got are correct
i dont care if you think i am lier or wrong,i did the tests and it gave not great results using both software with updates and no changes

TROY with me a never ever beat my head on the wall
i never once ever get mad or insult anyone,just a super nice gentleman
not like the one guy on this forum thats not
just like he said ,he doesnt care if he hurts another persons feeling
United Kingdom
show us your results or shut up about them

If you have a legitimate reason to dispute the results I have provided I am more than happy to review it. If not you have no justified argument.

I have nothing further to say on this matter until any further results are given. Mine are available here for those who want to look at all of the data.

Once I have everything up together I'll post up the finished reports, tutorial etc. probably in a new topic as this one seems to end up with the important information buried by garbage and argument.
Fred. Remember this thread is not just for you. Its great your system works just the way you want it. For me however i want more info and or a second opinion if you will.
Im not going to talk any more on this or try explaining any further.
PLEASE dont tell me to shut up
i have a right to my opinions just like you

TROY happy new year
i see RICH is from the UK ,i am going there in 3 months for vacation,i hope he is not in any town i am going to see
anybody else i can visit but him