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About The Ez-Robot Story On Youtube

DJ nice info on how you started EZB

But you said you made the board to have a replaceable micro chip ,but yet you said in the forum we cant buy the chip ,why is that

Be a great idea for you to sell the replacement chip for a few reasons
one if the chip on the board goes bad ,we just replace the chip ours self
second if others want to make a board using that chip ,would help too


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I've bought replacement chips from DJ.
i wounder why i ask awhile back he said i thought he would not sell them
Thanks! The chip is replaceable in case you damage it. That way you don't need to buy a whole new ez-b:) its explained in the video you watched
Ok thats great news,sometimes it does happen
What if you want to build another board,so far i dont need for that,since it a lot of work,
and you comming out with a smaller board soon i hope
If you wanted to build another board, i'm okay with that. We won't put the chips online, but they can be purchased by Contact Us form

By february 1st, I don't know why you'd even bother:) We're cutting our prices in half

Geezus - I said it again. I'm going to get myself fired if I keep releasing secrets ahead of time.
;-) Making way for the new stock? ;-)
@Lumpy - it's been such a successful year.. I want to give it back:)

The point of EZ-Robot is to help everyone build robots, and because it's our fulltime gig, we need to eat too. So now that we're comfortable with funding Revolution, we're going to drop our prices of EZ-B - significantly. Like, it's ridic how cheap it'll be!

I'm very excited:)

Don't worry, we're not dropping the price because it's being depricated. There is A LOT of growth left in the EZ-B... Revolution is EZ-B and more... Man i wish i could tell you!
I'm looking forward to it.

If you keep the suspense up I may drive down to Calgary and stalk you! :D
WOW DJ i see your board is getting better and better,hope soon ,for the encoder module,like to see it for analog (hall effect) and quadrature IR encoders

I though DJ you own the company
We have an encoder add-on that will be released shortly. The i2c interface will support a wide variety of EZ-Bits.. Including encoders, serial port buffers (so you can read and write TTL and RS232), and even an Arduino driver.
that great DJ ,nubotics WC-132 board look great for I2C interface it has built-in motor drivers and encoders INPUTS.
little high cost ,but looks good
United Kingdom
You know if you drop the price of the EZB I'm going to be ordering far too many for my bank account's liking... I almost bought 2 more the other day, so glad I waited it out :)
same here was going for 2 but now 5 to 7 ormore with the price drop
United Kingdom
Well there seems to be a massive hint on facebook about part of the revolution;)

Unfortunately, Calgary would be about an 18 hour £400 commute for me...
DJ , you cant fire yourself!:) You almost let the cat out of the boxbot:)
I have presented my EZ platform "guess" on FB:)
New Zealand
This Revolution has been keeping me in suspense for months.... hanging on to the edge of my seat.... smoke rising from my wallet... best damned sales pitch I have ever heard of !
DJ...master of sus.......pense.
Really great news things are getting so good.