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New Zealand
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About Ez Builder

Hi guys I'm just asking can Ez Builder run on Windows RT OS? *confused*:)


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It's built for windows 7 & 8 but I think it's worth a try. There could probably be a lot of issues with running it on a mobile software.
New Zealand
Ok thanks for telling me. Will it maybe work on an Android Tablet or ipad?
Sorry but NO, the problem is that the framework that DJ uses is not the same as Windows 8 PRO.

Good Luck!
Window RT is not optimise to run full windows applications, its a a dummy down version of window 8 design to operate on tablets. DJ is working on an android / IOS app, release date unknown.
New Zealand
Well thats good news that DJ is working on an android/ IOS app but it sucks not knowing the release date:) *stress*