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ARC Won'T Let Me Merge Old Skill From Another Project

I've been trying to move some skills from an old project to a new one. I keep getting  a message that I need to have my last virtual desktop empty to do this. I cleared it and ARC still wont move the skills.  Is there a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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What desktop was the old skill on in the project?

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It was on the second page. I also have the issue when trying to merge from another project with only one page.

I've kept trying to work on this and another weird thing popped up. Could there be something wonkie with the virtual desktops? I added a third desktop and ARC says it doesn't see it. It's clearly there on top of the page. I even saved and still get the error. Looks like there is a duplicate of first disktop in the place of deck top 2. 

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From what I can see the issue seems to happen after I add a second desktop. No issue merging with only one desktop on the active project.


Okay great. I’ll take a look. Probably gonna require an update


Thanks DJ. As always I really value your continued support and help. I couldn't do this without you.


Fixed for the next update. It was a weird fix

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Thanks DJ. Your the best! Weird? I'm sure I wouldn't understand what you had to do to fix it.

I'm glad you were able to find the issue. I have a lot of skills to transfer to a new project in a few weeks. This bug would have made life difficult. Lots of cutting and pasting. Had to do some limited coping already but no worries.

Thanks again!!!


I'll probably have the update out tonight. It is running through the tests now.


The test failed. Have a few things to fix and we’ll push it out again


Thanks for your hard work. This issue must have gone deep. I'm glad you feel this feature is valuable enough to keep and fix. It is a great tool. I've used it so much in the past. I know others have also. I remember when you introduced it to us. Everyone was raving about it.

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OH man! Thanks DJ. It's wild how you can figure this stuff out and fix it so fast. Amazing stuff.

I've had the urge to merge. Now I can! LOLxD