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United Kingdom

ARC Update Corrupted My Ez Builder Software

Install the ARC update, immediate problem with loading previous saved projects, particularly with joystick installed. How do I roll the builder software back to previous version without losing all my projects files? ARC is a bad update if you can,t use the files I was just using yesterday.

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United Kingdom
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This reply is totally useless. Please have a live person answer the question above ( yes has question mark, totally childish when communication on a computer). This is not a comment, but a question which needs to be answered.
you can revert: uninstall the ARC beta and download the ARC version.

It was not clear that ARC beta is a rebranding plus some new changes but is an update in place of the existent ARC same folders etc.

It works similar to the ARC beta you can only have one installed, I know is not practical but hey is free;)

if you have production projects I recommend a staging machine to evaluate and try beta releases.
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Here you go: https://synthiam.com/Products/Releases/ARC-Beta-2020-01-24-00-19052

That update resolves issue with reading legacy configuration file for joystick button settings.:) All fixed!

Optional ARC rollback
To roll back, Simply uninstall ARC and install ARC :). It’s beta, so your feedback experience is helpful. Thanks! Additional detail here: https://synthiam.com/Products/Releases/ARC-Beta-2020-01-23-02-19052

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you missed post #1 you need to do foreach post remove:)
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