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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

ARC Does Not Accept The Plugin

Hello everyone, I am having trouble with ARC software, it does not accept the plugin, when I upload from the Synthiam wed site or from VS it does not appear the plugin I downloaded in EZ-Builder. Instead when I click on ARC plugin manager, an error will appear::"Missing command line argument of plugin to install"?
sincerely thank you

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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Your file is not a valid plugin. Upload your zip archive to the website plugin manager for it to be authenticated and verified as a plugin.
I do not think that is a good solution, I downloaded the Zip archive with winzip. Last month ARC still worked fine, can still download normal plugins like: Sighthound Clound or Dialogflow on the wed page and create plugins in VS but now it doesn't show the plugin when I download  chart plugin on the wed page  when using this version 2019.6.25, I constantly have trouble with unnecessary errors.I also displayed this error every time I turned on the project
Sorry for the late feedback, thanksUser-inserted image
I'm really stupid because I am just a trainee with information technology and I am interested in Ez-robot so please can guide me in detail the steps to fix the error, thank you!