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ARC With Blockly

My second graders are programming the AdventureBots with Blockly. When they try to change the numbers within the block of code, the program automatically quits and disconnects from the robot. Any suggestions on how I can make this stop? Thanks!


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Hi! That doesn’t sound like fun at all! It’s unfortunately also the first time we’ve heard of that happening - which means we’ll need to work with you to better understand what can be causing it.

  1. Can you tell me what version of ARC you’re running?

  2. what operating system? Windows 10? Windows 8? iOS? Android? Etc...

That should be enough to get us started


The laptops run on Windows 10 and the ARC software is version 2018.05.01.00.

Thank you so much!


Can you verify that this does not work? Follow this video and test it on your computer. Thanks!


Thanks so much for your help.

I am able to complete the steps from the video and it works correctly.

My students have been using the movement blocks. (Move Forward with left and right speeds)


Okay. Let me take a look at those. What robot are you using it with? Adventurebot or jd or six or roli?


Hi Michele. Can you verify that this works?


Hi DJ,

So sorry for the delay. This is so strange, this works as well. I get the same results as you. Now I can't seem to replicate the issue. It was happening for a few days too.


That's really interesting - i've had this on the bug report list for a while but haven't heard any other users experiencing the same thing. I'll have to chalk this one up as voodoo:) aka ghost in the machine!