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ARC is only supported on windows 7 or higher as windows XP isn't even supported by microsoft anymore. I'd suggest going with the upgrade to windows 7/8.

However, someone might have an early version of ARC that will work with Windows XP. It will have a lot less functionality and it won't support the EZ-B v4 though.

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Niek is correct, upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.1. ARC doesn't run on anything less than Windows 7 for many reasons.

The versions of ARC which do run on Windows XP are extremely out of date. The last version of ARC to support Windows XP was 2013.12.01.00 which is almost a year old. Not only will some controls still be buggy but most, if not all cloud examples will be incompatible, the V4 is not supported, the EZ-Script syntax has since been changed and many functions have been added since.

It is not advised to use ARC 2013.12.01.00 on Windows XP. Chances are a Windows 7 update will work (and possibly run better) on your current PC however, depending on the exact specification you may need to run a lightweight version of Windows 7.


The bigger question is why are you still using XP? I think that went out with Atari, didn't it?:P Ha, ha...


@Rich repeat that first part again please:D

In al seriousness, I was surprised to respond before you. Has it really already been a year since XP lost support? dang..


Sorry but when I ordered these robots A YEAR AGO, XP was still supported and it is still a more stable platform for Mechanical design than Windows 7 was back then. Windows stopped support in April this year.

And BTW....I still haven't received them.

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If "these robots" are the revolution robots then the versions of ARC which run on XP will not have the ability to use the V4 controller in the robots.

You signed up to EZ-Robot on 12/26/2013, support for XP was dropped on 12/01/2013, some 25 days prior to you signing up. Your order date must be either 12/26/2013 or later unless you have a second account.

The point is, you will require Windows 7 or later for running ARC. Windows XP is not compatible.

For order enquiries you will need to contact customer support using the Contact Us page. The community has no information regarding individual orders.


Okay Rich thanks, getting new laptop with windows 8.1.
I shopped for the revolution robots a couple months before I bought them in 12.26.13 when they posted XP support but got busy with work and didn't notice the drop of support for it. Also didn't expect to have such a long wait but glad I checked before they came so I have the software ready.


mcgrewproductions: great choice, upgrading to the latest version of Windows.

Your mechanical design software might be more reliable in windows XP, because it was probably written for it. ARC is actively being developed for windows. It would cost the EZ-Robot team a lot of resources to support an out-to-date system. Resources they're probably better of spending on product development.


Dear EZ Robot: I have marked this resolved three times now....please stop sending me emails that it isn't!

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This will have been the first time you correctly resolved the post, I suspect you didn't add a reply when you tried marking as resolved.

Also, you can turn off emails in your user settings should you not wish to receive them.