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ARC Voice Recognition

As of version 2011.02.28.00 of EZ-Builder, voice recognition has been implemented and works in Windows Vista and Windows 7. It will not work in Windows XP, although we are investigating how to make it happen.

Each phrase can be user defined. And for each phrase, there is a corresponding script command. The Config window displays all available commands. The script commands are the same as the scripting engine.

The Voice Recognition Control will listen to your Default Audio Device. You will need to verify a default audio device is selected by visiting the Control Panel -> Sound and checking the Recording tab.

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I do wish I could lower the price. But after you add up the components, bluetooth module, microchip, pcb, assembly, regulators, battery adapter, assembly, shipping, website hosting, etc... It's not cheap:(

Some ppl email and ask why it's so expensive. I don't understand that question. For $99 you get a complete software and hardware solution. It has taken 2 years to create. 2000+ hours. *cool*
Was going to make a smart-a@# (tongue-in-cheek) comment but I will restrain myself and simply say 'Well put!' Now get off your duff and make me an EZ-B v4 Nitro with arc-reactor support!
EZ-B v4 will have a neural connection;)
Have you had any luck getting the voice recognition to work with XP?
That is great DJ. You just made my day. Do you know if this will work with the speach synthesis as well?
It works GREAT DJ. Thanks a bunch.
That's awesome to hear! I'll add that link to the Tutorial:D
So I installed the Speech Recognition in WinXP but I haven't been getting good results, I've tried a USB and a regular 3.5mm jack Microphone but still seem to be getting the same error:

"Voice recognition was not able to start. There is either no listening device or the your operating system is not supported"

Anyone have any suggestions or has anyone experienced this?

I can confirm that under the Control Panel -> Speech that both Microphones were getting picked up and working on the audio level bar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'm using windows 7 but had error I think was the same. In area were you see sound devices and such(haven't used xp in while) just check you have something selected as the default device. For me I just right clicked the mic I had plugged in and just clicked "set as default device" as soon as I did that, started up ez-b and was working!
Thanks for the reply Gunny!

Well I did try what you said and set my mic up as the default device using the control panel and configured the mic and all that good stuff.

I was also able to get voice recognition working in Wordpad I just had to click on my mic icon in the lower right taskbar and then hit the Diction icon as well.

I then was pumped that it was all working and went again to try it in ARC but had the same result, the same error listed above. I was able to get speech synthesis working though which I believe also gets installed at the same time you install the voice recognition software.

I was getting the computer to call me "Master!" on Joystick button presses, quite funny, but I'm still stuck on getting the Voice recognition to work in XP.

Anyone else had any luck with Voice/speech recognition in WinXP???
I am getting the same error code "Voice recognition was not able to start. There is either no listening device or your operating system is not supported" DJ, have you had any luck finding a solution. It appears even though we have windows voice recognition installed EZ-B does not like XP.
Is there a chance that there may be a solution to the XP compatibility issue with voice recognition?
I can take a look in my XP virtual machine. I dont' know how much time i'd spend on it because XP is pretty much depricated:P Win7 is pretty decent on all sorts of hardware these days:) Unless you're hardware is 5 years old haha
Any time spent will be greatly appreciated by alot of us "behinders". Major thanks in advance from the bookkmaker.
Yeah I'd greatly appreciate as well, as all the software I own has been purchased for XP and it'll take some time to move up to Windows 7 (financially speaking). Personally I think many businesses and individuals will be using XP for the next couple years until they are forced from it.

Here's a plus: Native WinXP can run off CF cards (233X speed and higher recommended), I know because I have a small form factor PC doing that very thing. As storage technology improves we should be able to boot XP off microSD cards without much lag and run windows on very small devices which gives us the ability to use ARC on-board our robots (as some are already doing)!!! I'm sure you already saw where I was going with that:)

Please don't discount XP as it can run on as little 4GB of storage, and that's without optimization. So I can see all the higher end electronics (laptops, PCs, etc) will move to Win7 and higher versions, but on the horizon we'll probably be seeing smaller form factor electronics (cell phones, tiny netbooks, etc.) running native XP.
okay okay okay.. I'll see what I can do for you living in the past:)
We are still living in the past. Have you made any headway on voice recogniion for us XP dinosaurs?
It's on the list of to-do's:)

The list is very very very long