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ARC Stopped Working

I've got the latest EZ builder and i'm working with windows 8.1. After adding the MYO plug-in or the monitor plug in, the system suddely stops working. Al the other works just fine...


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  1. What is a "monitor plugin"?

  2. MYO does not have a plugin, there is a user control, which you can find here:

MYO is not an ez-robot hardware device. If you provide an error or additional information that is presented when ARC "stopped working", perhaps i can take a peek:D and see what's up


Hi DJ,

Tnx for the info.

I uploaded a jpg file from the screen and i got the error code for the " EZ System Visual Board Monitor" and for the myo, i don't get an error ,it just exit the program...

The other " misc " works fine...

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  1. What version of the Myo software do you have installed?

  2. The Visual System Board Monitor is created by JackPhilips and not an ez-robot owned plugin. The only person who can modify the plugin is Jack Philips. More information on the plugin here:

I also verified the visual system board monitor does not work. I have disabled the plugin from the store until JackPhilips fixes the binary.

  1. version 1.0.1 it's from oktober 2014

  2. ok, we wait for that one

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