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ARC Soundboard Problem

I tried to get the soundboard control working in the latest version of software. No luck. First it looks diferent then what the tutorial shows. Second it is missing the text on the spaces normally used to label the buttons in the control. I want to simply play a .wav or .mp3 sound effect on my pc that is running EZB. Windows 7 operating system. Can someone tell me how to do this from a script also?


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Press any of the blank buttons on the control. It will prompt to load the mp3/wav file. Select the file and voila:)

To play a sound from a script, i think there is a tutorial in the File->Examples ... If not, check the Robot - Wall-e Big example. Look in most of the scripts. You'll see a ControlCommand:)
Thanks The Wall-e Big was a great help. One last issue. With the soundboard control as part of the robots programming, file save produces a error. However file save as with a new file name works fine. Now have two copies of program and alternate the file save as. Why?
Can you provide more information about the error?