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ARC Software - Language


What software IDE do you use to build the EZ Robot software? What language do you use?

Do you use any 3rd party add-ons or DLL, like OpenCV?



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Hi Keith - the ARC software was originally built in C++ and eventually ported to C#. With Microsoft's recent move to opensource .Net, this helps for portability between devices. The ARC Mobile and ARC PC are able to share essential libraries for the EZ-Script Compiler and a variety of other features.

The EZ-SDK is the base of all EZ-Robot Software. The EZ-SDK contains a few third party libraries, such as ffmpeg and a modified AForge.Net. For the audio MP3 decoding, the NAudio library is used.

OpenCV is not used - but you can use it, such as the EZ-Face can be used as an example - which uses OpenCV.