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I noticed there are so many WiFi based Rover car available now on amazon. Can i use any WiFi based Rover instead of Brookstone to connect with ARC software? I wanted to use rover from the internet..:(


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@Ryan7922 .... Nope, sorry... Even the Brookstone rover needs an older version of ARC to work... I suggest you just buy Roli and forget about those "toys" LOL... You can do so much more with a Revolution robot.... It will blow you away what it can do....:)


Roli is a super expensive toy for beginners like me LOL.. Where can I find an older version of ARC?

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If it's a rover which you like the look and size of you could gut the electronics and replace it all for an EZ-B, camera and H-Bridge.

Most of the wifi controlled toys out there have very limited functions and become boring in a matter of days, hours or even minutes. Yet their construction is pretty sound.


Well, rumour has it they may be a new revolution robot called the Adventure Bot coming soon... It is way less expensive than the other revolution robots and it still has the power of ARC and the ezb4... So if you can just hang in there a week or so hopefully it will then be in the store here for sale...

@Dj... There ya' go... there is the need for an entry level ez revolution robot...:)


@Rich... Its an excellent idea.. Can you please provide me link of camera and H-Bridge..

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Both are in the shop, have a browse, you may find other things you need in the shop too:)

EZ-B Camera H-Bridge


If you are going for an EZ-B, H-bridge and camera, for not much more you can get the developers kit which also has a bunch of servos and a ping ultrasonic sensor (although not the pretty plastic cases for the camera or ping sensor).


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Or wait and go down the adventure bot route as Richard R mentioned.

Dev kit doesn't include the H-Bridge (does it? Correct me if I am wrong) so you'll need the H-Bridge too.

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No, @Rich is correct. The Dev kit doesn't have the H-Bridge included, but it's reasonably priced though, and the Dev Kit @thetechguru mentioned is great value as well.

2.5 amp Motor Controller


Sorry about that. Yes, I realize now I ordered my H-bridge at the same time as my dev kit, it wasn't included.