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Is there ever going to be a Mac version of ARC released?

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Yes, there is a Mac version of ARC available for download on the Synthiam website. You can find it in the downloads section under the ARC software. Please note that the Mac version of ARC is still in beta, so there may be some bugs or issues that need to be addressed.

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Because it is beta does it require a subscription to test it?
I just checked the downloads and can’t locate a Mac version posted there.  Can you provide a link to it please?
Ummmm....I think Athena might be hallucinating again:D There's no beta Mac version.
Do you have an intel or M1/M2

if intel you can use bootcamp or parallels or some other VM

if M1/M2 I think there are issues with visual studio on these CPUs so would be curious if it works. 

I recall about 3 or 4 years ago various people played with a Mono version running on Pi but there was not a lot of success so this version was discontinued.
Nink, I use it with Parallels on my Mac's and I also have a windows 11 tablet I run it on.  I had seen a post I think from DJ say in the new year they are going to have version of ARC that runs on anything I was just wanting to confirm that and maybe get a target release date for it.