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ARC On Unplugged Mode

I can use the robot JD only at school and for this I want to prepare at home the code with ARC first and then use it with JD at school. I installed the SW on PC and on Tablet.

I was wondering: Is it possible to use ARC in unplugged mode?

Thank you Claudio


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Sorry, I do not know what "unplugged mode" means. Can you provide more information?


If your referring to tablet mode, I think you can, it might be a little more trouble. Typing especially.


Hi My question concerns the possibility of using ARC WITHOUT JD or other robot as a simulation. For example I can program Arduino without the HW card and launch it when I connect the card. Is it necessary to have the robot connected to WiFi to program?

Can I use ARC on a PC without having JD?

Thanks. Claudio


Hi Claudio,

Yes! You can absolutely use ARC without needing to be connected to a robot. This is great for working on your robot's project when you don't have a robot around you at the time.