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ARC On Raspberry Pi With Windows 10

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Is it possible tu run ARC on a raspberry pi (2) with windows 10?


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I dont think that anyone knows the answer to this one yet. If the pi runs a limited version of windows 10, probably not. If it runs a full version of windows 10, probably.


Microsoft hasn't given us much love for windows 10. The last response we received was that ezrobot wasn't an exciting project, and they stopped responding to our emails about windows 10 support. We've tweeted a few times as well without any response. Guess they're already on a pre-determined path - I don't need to interfere with that:)

Currently, my recommendation is to use Linux and our mono sdk on the pi instead of 10.


There is a ex-builder for Linux?!?


There is a mono SDK for linux. Not everything will work like it will in Windows.


Cool... Do you think it's a good alternative for embedded computer? If the robot does not use many features? Witch ones will work?


I haven't used it personally. I would suspect things like camera and sound would have issues. DJ has mentioned it in this forum a few times. I would search the forum for mono sdk.


Tevan's, are you a programmer? This is an sdk, not an application like ARC. Also, I would say it is an alternative, not necessarily a good alternative. EZ-B works best in a Windows environment. The Raspberry Pi is good for some things, but it is not fast or powerful. I would not recommend it for anything but the simplest of robot projects.



Thank you Alan! Now I understood.

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Thanks for information. I really don't know about this. I also have problems with windows 10. Thanks again buddy! Canakit Vs Vilros