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ARC No Longer Detecting Ezb'S Or Camera Ip Addresses Since 2018.09.01 Upd

For some reason when I updated to the newest ARC Release, I am no longer able to discover my EZBs and/or camera IP addresses. ARC will find them but it no longer lists them in the Discovery Window. I can connect to them but their custom names do not populate because they don't register in the Discovery Widow.

I have another PC that still has the 2018.05.01 release that does not have an issue. Everything works as expected.

Has anyone else had a problem with the 2018.09.01 release?


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Well Dang! The settings must have changed when I did a Windows update. This is what I get for updating everything at once. lol

Thank you DJ!


On another note, do you happen to have any suggestions for preventing EZB connection drops inside of an all aluminum R2 unit? I'm using 2 EZBs (soon to be 3) with an internal nano-router and I get occasional disconnects. I am running an i5 Surface Pro inside the droid. Sorry if this is cluttering this thread with this question. Please delete if appropriate.


Yes, but I need them to be wireless because the Surface Pro is in the body and two of the three EZBs are in the dome. Also, I am using the camera for facial recognition so there isn't a free port on the primary Dome EZB which controls the camera and the dome panel servos. The secondary dome EZB will control vertical travel systems like his periscope, life form scanner, saber launcher, and smoke screen.

After you helped me solve the discovery issue, I installed a newer/better router in his dome last night that I am hoping will solve the problem. (TP Link AC750) I use an Xbox360 controller app on my iPhone as an animation trigger that connects via wifi to the surface pro within the droid.

I'm about to completely rewire the dome with a new power distribution "grid" and will be further separating the router from the internal dome power voltage regulators. Perhaps that will also help.


Wow, amazing and deep work. I hope your upgrades will help. Are you running the latest V4/2 EZB? If not this may help.

I don't have any disconnections since I upgraded. However I'm connecting to a router outside and close to the robot and the 4 EZB's are catching the signal coming through fiberglass and acrylic. I've often seriously considered mounting a router and computer inside my robot and still may. However I fear I'll run into the same issues you are having. I have lots of aluminum shelving inside my B9 Lost IN Space Robot I'd have to pass through to connect. There are three rotating and moving parts of the body to pass through so, like you, direct connection to the 4 EZB's is not an option. Please keep us up to date on your upgrades and how they work. I'm immensely interested as I'll probably be walking the same path soon.

Are you running Voice Recognition with a microphone in your R2? If so how is your Recognition working with all the noise coming from the droid or room around you? I use a Plantronics Voyager Legend UC B235-M Bluetooth Headset to connect to my laptop that's stationed outside the robot. I'd rather have the mic onboard the robot or sitting in the room near by but this earpiece headset with the small mic boom does an outstanding job. Also it really only allows me to communicate with the robot. However I don't know how it's bluetooth signal would do connecting through fiberglass or aluminum.

Good Luck!:)


Hi Dave!

Yes, I have the latest EZBs that should already have the com upgrade. After I installed the new router I was able to keep connected without any issues. R2 will be out and about again in a few weeks so I'll be able to get a better handle on the upgrade efficiency later.

Regarding voice control, R2 isn't that great with crowds and loud areas. Does your headset have an easily pressed mute button? I have a headset but the mute button is terrible. It would be nice to be able to mute the headset around loud areas to limit R2 getting out of control.

BTW - Thank you for your help with the kangaroo x2 stuff this year. I was able to get the periscope under control!

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