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ARC Mobile

@ DJ Sures or any EZ robot staff

I have two questions:

  1. Any ETA on the ARC mobile version for apple devices?
  2. When will the stand alone voltage regulators be in the store?



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I did see the post that it would take longer, was just wondering if they had some expected date. For example are we talking two weeks or 3 months:)


We won't bother applying to Apple until the EZ-B v4 ships - it cannot be used on the v3 because iOS does not allow Bluetooth to be used that way. The iOS devices are locked down and can only be used over WiFi - which the EZ-B v3 doesn't support WiFi


Thanks for that answer. How about the voltage regulators. When will they be in the store?


Soon as everything shows up from manufacturing facility:) That I am unsure of but I think we will have an answer soon. It's been JAson and Alan's 100% concentration