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ARC Bluetooth Device Connection/Disconnection Alert

Is there a way I could make ARC monitor Bluetooth devices?

So like say I have a Bluetooth headset. If I turn it off and it disconnects from my computer, could I make ARC send an audible alert such as "microphone disconnected. please reconnect to resume service"?


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United Kingdom
Not through ARC, at least not that I know of.

However you could use EventGhost to achieve that either 100% within EventGhost or by using EventGhost to let ARC know i.e. through a text file that's monitored by ARC.
How would I get eventghost to monitor the Bluetooth devices?
United Kingdom
It'll log when a device is connected/disconnected, use that to trigger a macro. You'll need to read the documentation and their website/forum.
ok ive read over the stuff and played with the program but have no idea on how to monitor the Bluetooth devices.

not to mention how to link it to ARC.
United Kingdom
When a device is connected/disconnected it is shown in the log. Use that as a trigger to run a macro.

One way to have it talk to ARC is - in the macro make it write to a file. In ARC have a script running which monitors a text file.
Another way would be to use Telnet to send a script command to ARC to set a variable that's monitored.