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APP APK Export?

Is it possible to export the app apk? I'd like to be able to download it directly from my hard drive to new phones without using ARC as an intermediary. Is this possible?

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without using ARC as an intermediary.
ARC is the software, Synthiam is the company behind App, Google Play is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google.

If you are asking if is possible to install Android applications directly from the PC ? 
Yes is possible, if you search the internet you will find how to backup the apk from an Android, and how to install android apps.
For security reasons, I don't recommend installing (sideloading) android apps from the PC or another unknown source. Unless you are an android developer user and it's a requirement to test the applications.

You will not receive new updates (i.e. bug fixes, new features), which can lead to bad user experience, e.g. complaining about something not working well, and the issue is already fixed in a new version.
Sorry, I don't think I articulated this well.

I want to build an app within ARC. Once it's done, I would like to export it, hang the downloadable APK on my website for friends to download and install (directly).
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No apology necessary.


hang the downloadable APK on my website for friends to download and install
APK is an Android application,  an ARC application is not an APK.
ARC APK (Android Application) is similar to an Spreadsheet application (Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers), ARC application (project) is the Spreadsheet document.

If you know your Project file (EZB extension) you can make it available in your website 



And your friend can download to the PC and if clicks in the file Windows opens the ARC application and your downloaded project (EZB) is loaded.

Afaik the mobile application does not implements that feature (Register the file type, and intent-filter), the only available option is the ARC store. 

Only Synthiam can answer if qualifies for a feature request ...