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A Similar Article Like Blinkm ?

since 6 months the BlinkM Module is sold out in Europe. So I search a similar Modul like BlinkM.. A small Muli-Color Modul for EZ-Robots.

Can someone help me ?



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Looks like Robotshop sells a few different types of RGB LED modules.

A few things to be aware of:

  1. The EZ-B cannot directly control serial (addressable) RGB LEDs

  2. If you purchase simple RGB LED breakouts you may need to use some additional circuitry, like transistors, to get the maximum brightness. Each EZ-B digital port is limited to 10mA draw.

Unfortunately, there's really nothing out there, that I know of, that is comparable to the BlinkM (I2C controlled RGB LED)*.

*There seems to be one on Alibaba


Yeah ive looked everywhere I have a few left for my Alan builds but pretty much no real replacement.