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United Kingdom
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A Short Message For The Ez-Robot Team

@DJ @Alan @Jason Z @Aislinn
@Cory @Jeremie @Jake @Chrissi @Jason H
and everyone else involved with EZ-Robot.

I was reading through the forum the other day and came across a post (#7) DJ made in a thread that caught my eye. So with that in mind, and before his official release on to the Project Showcase, my little friend, "K-9" 2.0, has a little message he wanted to share with you all.

Roll tape... (err, or should that be "stream video" ):D

Steve G.:)

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Happy Birthday EZ-Robot!

Great video Steve

Hahahaha this is AWESOME. So sweet.:) :D:D:D
Wow, what a great birthday gift! Thank you:)

I shared your video on our Facebook Page!:D
United Kingdom
@DJ and @Aislinn.

It was my pleasure. I'm really pleased you liked it:). You guys have done an amazing job with a fantastic product, great community, and all the help and support you offer, and long may your success continue.

K-9 will be pleased he is on your Facebook page. He said he wants to be famous just like his counterpart, so that's a good start. :P

Congratulations once again guys.

Wow! You started your company on my birthday! ;)
*sniffle* thanks K9 and @steve!

P.S. happy birthday @cyberdude!