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A Short Message For The Ez-Robot Team

@DJ @Alan @Jason Z @Aislinn @Cory @Jeremie @Jake @Chrissi @Jason H
and everyone else involved with EZ-Robot.

I was reading through the forum the other day and came across a post (#7) DJ made in a thread that caught my eye. So with that in mind, and before his official release on to the Project Showcase, my little friend, "K-9" 2.0, has a little message he wanted to share with you all.

Roll tape... (err, or should that be "stream video" ):D

Steve G.:)


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HAHA Awesome! Thanks @Steve G, I love the K9! I can't believe you got him to blow a party horn, that will forever be a mystery to me, lol.

I like all the additions you put on your K9 too, like the ultrasonic sensor on the dog collar and all the lights on his back. Truly looks to be a labor of love.

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Your welcome, and thanks. He was something I always wanted to build. I went for the slightly different look just to personalise him a bit.

Yeah the party horn was a bit of a head scratcher. It's amazing what that EZ-B4 can do lol. :P

Have a good one. :)


@steve thanks for making video. Great k9, look forward to more videos of k9.


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Thank you:). Got a few teething problems to iron out, but hope to have at least 1 video up sometime next week.

I wonder if EZ HQ have got any plans to celebrate?


@Steve G, that's one serious K 9 bot ya got there. May there be many more videos to follow.


Happy 3rd birthday EZ-Robot. I just received my Roli about 20-30 minutes ago. I got him half assembled and charging now. I can't wait to wish you a happy 4th, 5th, 6th, ect.. :)


happy 3rd birthday ez&team

congrats antron007

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Cheers @Robot-Doc. I'm going to throw together a "The making of" photo/video montage this weekend to start with. Should be up early next week.


Pleased to hear you got your Roli :). Great news. And I'm with you with the 4th 5th 6th ect birthdays. ;)


Wow! Thanks so much for that video, it's awesome! Love your K9.

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Your very welcome. Hope your all doing something nice to celebrate. I'm pleased you like K-9. He enjoyed his first attempt at singing (although between you and me, he sounded a bit like a tormented Dalek. Hope he doesn't read that) :P


I bet his response would be...

"Affirmative, master!"


Great video Steve ! A K9 robot is on my bucket list of robots and you beat everyone to it ! Congrats to Steve as well as EZ robot on their 3 yr in business. It's almost like yesterday!


That was awesome! Thank you so much! It is incredible to think about how many different people enjoy ezrobot products. We have such an amazing community and could not have made it this far without you. Here's to another 3 great years:)


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Thanks for your kind words. I've always wanted to have my own K-9 but never had the time or confidence to build one. Glad you liked the video.:D


You are more than welcome. If it wasn't for you guys, my K-9 probably would have never got off the ground (no, I don't mean he can fly, yet;) ) so thank you too.


Happy Birthday EZ-Robot!

Great video Steve



Hahahaha this is AWESOME. So sweet.:) :D:D:D


Wow, what a great birthday gift! Thank you:)

I shared your video on our Facebook Page!:D

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@DJ and @Aislinn.

It was my pleasure. I'm really pleased you liked it:). You guys have done an amazing job with a fantastic product, great community, and all the help and support you offer, and long may your success continue.

K-9 will be pleased he is on your Facebook page. He said he wants to be famous just like his counterpart, so that's a good start. :P

Congratulations once again guys.



Wow! You started your company on my birthday! ;)


sniffle thanks K9 and @steve!

P.S. happy birthday @cyberdude!