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A Little Info On Ez Bit Designs Please

Hey i'm just in the research phases of these ez robot products.. something that really drew me in was the ability to customize these ez bit parts and 3d print them to make your robot unique and different. I was watching the videos and noticed that everyone can share their customized ideas for other people to 3d print and use, but i'm only seeing 3 head options to be able to 3d print? (or find a 3d printer to use and print) is the community that barren in making custom parts or am i looking in the wrong place? the only truly custom face plate i see is the NAO head . If someone has insight and can point me to the correct path of all of these custom parts to download or pay to be made, please help me. thank you so much for your time, saving money for my first bot now:D


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Welcome to the forum! You can find all 3D printable design files located under the 3D printing option at the top menu of this website. Also, each product in the store includes a CAD Files tab, for easy access to each design file - if you prefer to 3D print parts rather than purchase the injection molded version from the webstore.

To view the webstore, click Products menu option from the top menu of this website. All products are listed in categories, which you can navigate using the sub menu. To view the details of a product, click on the image or the details button of each product.

Once viewing a product, scroll the mouse wheel down to view additional information about a product. Such as design files, related products, specifications and additional technical information.

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is the community that barren in making custom parts
Yes. There are a few who play around with custom 3D printable parts however not many and those who do seem to have found the road paved with gold and prefer to sell their creations and use the EZ-B controller for the brains.

XL-Robots will more than likely jump on any chance to design a bespoke head for you however I am unsure if he offers this service for free or if a premium is paid for the service.

The EZ-Robot community has, and likely always will, focus more on the electronics and control side of things, this is what's made the EZ-B so flexible and easy to use after all.

EZ-Robots have released details on the EZ-Clip connector so anyone can produce new parts that will work with their EZ-Clip system, I don't know where that information is from memory but a quick search of the site should find it.