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A Laser Terrain Scanner

I'm manufacturing a laser terrain scanner, you can scan to within five meters of the object, and you know the direction, not instead of ultrasonic ranging?

English is not very good, please forgive me.


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Interesting concept... how do you plan on integrating it with the EZ-B and ARC/SDK? or will it have its own micro-controller and just feed numerical data to the EZ-B?
Where I work we use them on the front of agv's. They are self contained unit and send bits to the plc on how you program it.

If I could get one for a couple hundred bucks I would love to use it instead of a ping sensor.
Mainly the preparation of image processing procedures need to spend a long time, and I have yet to perfect this device, it still will be the external light, or reflective interference.

English is not very good, please forgive me.
@ Putt Putt Oh yea I forgot that one. The ones I am looking at can see 180 deg. So they watch the whole front and zone programmable, so you set up how it sees. But I'll check out that parallax one too.:)
@ RuralGeek , I think they show a or have code to use it on a BOE Bot with a servo to pan it.
I made ??good, see new post.English is not good, please forgive