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That was awesome. I am neck deep in a project that has had 5 different programmers in 4 years, and each one complains about the hack job the last guy did.... This article explains it to a tee.

That guy is a really good writer... great article.... When I wake up, I think I am gonna' do some coding, assuming the cat hasn't peed all over it...:P
Before I started reading it, I judged it based on the title... "What?!? No, I like programming, it's not bad."

And then I started to read it. And then I understood, and then I agreed.

Yes, this is a good article. *stress*:D


Doing this all day leaves you in a state of mild aphasia as you look at people's faces while they're speaking and you don't know they've finished because there's no semicolon.

I feel exactly this way most of the time. :P

Also need to find a way to use "s/camel/_/" in conversation.