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A Couple Of Hearoid Robots On Ebay

These aren't my auctions, but I came across them while searching for my next robot platform. I bid a maximum of $100 for one of these and was quickly outbid. I went for months without seeing one of these, then all of the sudden there are 2.


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United Kingdom

I've only ever seen one of them on Ebay over here. Quite the rare robot in the UK (although not as rare as the robbies which I've never seen in the UK)


To be honest, I didn't even know about this robot until I looked at your project :-)


I just got lucky, and found one for under the 100.00 mark. Its in great shape, but it didn't come with a remote control.


United Kingdom

Mine was £50 which is around the $75 mark I think, although exchange rate doesn't matter, $100 over there costs me £100 over here. I got lucky as the guy I got it off was the one I got my Omnibot from and he was panicking when it was close to auction end so offered me 10% off my final bid to get me to bid... I almost didn't bother


I got one at $40 cracked head and another for $63 one with cracked head,i found a person who sells them at $15 for a good dome