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5V Mean Well Mw 60A Power Supply

@Jeremie or @DJ.... I know the ezb4 has a min VIN of 4.5V just was wondering if any of these 2 Mean Well power supplies (links below) would be enough voltage to run an ezb full of servos... 100A or even 60A should be more than enough current, but what about the voltage? Would I be getting brownouts all the time? 5v 60A Power supply

5.5v 100A Power supply


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Hey Richard,

Just to clarify, a brownout happens when the voltage drops due to a demand in current not being able to be met. If the current capacity is beyond maxed out the voltage supply drops. Servos need a power supply that can meet their in-rush current demands. When initialized all at the same time there is a huge current demand from the servos.

So there are two solutions:

  1. Get a large power supply as you suggested. 5V 20A should suffice for the revolution robots (we are currently looking into this) but if you have a larger robot such as an inMoov, 5V 60A or 100A may be in order.

  2. If the servos are initialized in sequence instead of all together at once the in-rush current demand goes way down.


Dude, you're way too smart... you scare me....:) Thanks a bunch... The inmoov is exactly what I wanted to use it for... I do realize that the servos will be a little down on power running on 5V instead of 6... But I don't think that will be much of an issue..

Thanks again Jeremie:)


@Richard, I've been looking at a power supply too, to get away from batteries -at least until InMoov becomes mobile. Gael has been using this one - It says they are out of stock but I'm going to wait for one. I hope that link comes thru OK, If not check out the InMoov forum -Power Supply


@Bob... I saw that one too.... But someone had mentioned on the inMoov site that they have been waiting six months or so for it to be in stock again.... Ah, choices:)


I figured you may have. I've been looking at a few different ones but this one puts out lots of amps at 6V - others have really low amperage.


Richard, Consider not powering the servos through the EZB. Set up a voltage bar directy off a power supply like you linked to and pull your power for the servos from there. You can connect the power feed to the EZB there also and the EZB will be on it's own circuit. If your power supply is able to supply ample current for everything in your system you wont get EZB brown outs if wired like this. However if you use the EZB as a power conduit then everything down line from the EZB will suck current away from the EZB and you will brown it out. Also, there is no reason why you cant use more then one power supply. Connect the AC supply sides in Parallel. This isn't a good picture but here's a pic of when I started wiring up two back to back power converters. You can see the back to back PS and the power buses attached to them. I also have fuse holders ready to wire in each circuit that goes to different deceives and motors.

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