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4G Lte

I am just getting back working with EZ robot and I am trying to connect to 4G LTE on Verizon for unlimited range. I can connect EZ to my tablet hotspot but I can not connect to it from my pc. If I connect EZ to my house Wi-Fi I can set up port forwarding and then I can connect from my tablet using 4G. I can't setup port forwarding on my tablet, but if I use one of Verizon MiFi hotspot I can setup port forwarding, will that work?

Thanks tom

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As long as the device supports port forwarding it will work. Also, Verizon Wireless could potentially block incoming port 23. They used to block it on FiOS, but don't anymore. If you have an EZ-B 4/2 you can change the EZ-B port to something else if that is an issue.



OK thanks but how do I change the port? I would like to give it its own IP and port address so it will change if I can. How do i tell what Version of ezb4 i have? i got it as soon as they came out


There are two options to change the port

  1. Upgrade your comm 1 to the EZ-B v4/2 Comm Upgrade and perform the port change directly on the ez-b

  2. Use the port forwarding software to change the ports during NAT. The outside port can be 6666 and the inside can be 23.

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ok thanks i will order the upgrade now


OK just upgraded but how do I change ezb IP and port?


Use the web admin interface. That's the same interface that you will use to connect the robot to the network. The address to connect with default values is

The port is advanced tab

The ip address is assigned by your client network's DHCP server - this is not an address you can simply enter yourself. The internet is built around addresses that are allocated by geographical locations and regions to form networks. The addresses are handed out by IP Providers and their DHCP server. In your case, if the EZ-B is behind the firewall/nat, then the local DHCP server will assign the address.

You can hardcode the address in the DHCP server by the mac address. All routers are different and have a different interface. Consult the manual for your router.


I don't have a advanced tab

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Yes that is the one I ordered So they sent me the wrong one


They sure did! Contact Us right away so we can rectify this immediately. Apologies!