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4 Wheel Drive?

I'm new to robotic so will have fun learning.
Question is can I run 2 dc motor in parallel, to have a 4 wheels drive base
I hope to use the following

4 dc motors



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Use seperate motor controllers , one for one pair and another for the second. Speed controllers are pulses of power at a given frequency. Two motors in parallel probably would be out of phase. Controllers are 15 bucks just spend.the extra money.;)
Your link only went to their homepage. But I did look around for Somthing ideal for you. The Dagu rover 5 controller is specific for 4wd robot , 4a per channel and has individual inputs and outputs ( thats what you need to prevent phase issues/ feedback). It did look reasonable for price.... http://www.robotgear.com.au/Product.aspx/Details/555
Hi Jstarne1
thanks for the help


would this work ?

User-inserted image