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4-1 Sensor

Hi everyone, have fitted an Ez-Robot 4-1 Orientation Sensor, went to calibrate and it disconnects from wi-fi?

Never saw any readings from the variable watcher, tried different i2c ports with no success.

I followed the tutorial exactly, first time went well, but now it just wont give me any readings.. User-inserted image

Could anyone possibly help me with this?


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It sounds like your 4-in-1 sensor isn't making a good connection. If the sensor hasn't been used in a while you can un-plug and plug-in the cable a couple times on each side to get rid of any oxidation that may have formed on the contacts.

Are you using this tutorial?

The script in tutorial plus the MPU-9150 Control itself are both essential to get data in the variable watcher. The script will have to continue to be running to get updated data from the sensor.



hey thanks so much for your reply. :)

Yep i followed that tutorial, it was really easy to follow and do, but yeah after the installation something went wrong somewhere and it was just blocking wi-fi the moment i click Calibration. if i click Script or Cali it just disconnects me, will try again very soon. Just need to sort this out before i power on the little guy. :)

Will let you know how i go. ;)

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I should have updated this, the 4-1 works perfectly. :)

Very accurate temp sensor. :)

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What was the issue?

I don't think EZ Robot sells these sensors anymore.


User-inserted imageUser-inserted image

Last time i connected it i never got it working which was strange because it simply plugs into the ezb.

I plugged in a new one and had instant connection after i found it and calibrated it.

But I'm not exactly sure what else can be done with it, i doesn't help the robot in anyway i can't think other than reading the temperature which is does very well. :)

I love the bright led light emanating from it so will find a cool place to put it. I still have the ultrasonic and touch sensor to connect but they can wait.

I don't think they were even selling them when i bought them, but i found a a few online years ago so thought i would connect one to this guy.

User-inserted image

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You are right they don't sell them anymore.  I know they had some issues, but I bought a lot of them when a store put all their inventory on close out.  I could open a mini EZ-Robot store at one time, lol.

The bummer is, I have forgotten how to correctly use these 4-1 sensors and the tutorial is no longer up.  Does anyone have a copy of the old instructions or video?


Lol, hey Justin, yeah it was the compass on those sensors that wasn’t the best. They needed figure 8 calibration and were very sensitive to nearby EMF and magnetism.

To use the sensors with the 4-in-1 skill you would also need a script to activate the sensor. I’m not in front of a computer at the moment but I believe the ControlCommand included RunOnce that needed to be in a loop if you wanted the sensor to stream data


Back on my laptop now, here's a code sample for you in EZ-script:

ControlCommand("MPU9150", Init)


ControlCommand("MPU9150", RunOnce)